Turn Your iPhone Into a Lens-Style Shooter With Tiny Camera

Turn Your iPhone Into a Lens-Style Shooter With Tiny Camera

For years DxO Labs have develop a photography tools. Although the company has never released a camera before. While many of other camera manufacturers benefited from its image-processing software, the more popular is their desktop software for fixing and enhancing images

 All these years, the company finally launch its own camera. The DxO One came up after two years in the making. It has a 1-inch-type sensor Sony uses in the RX100 Mark III. For a start, this can be great! It also features F1.8 lens, manual exposure controls, a top shutter speed of 1/8000 of a second, and a few RAW-shooting modes.

 What is so surprising about this new product is that it is not just like any of the other cameras in the market. This one is meant to used while attached to your smartphone. It’s less than three inches tall, weighs about four ounces, and slips into a breast pocket with ease.



 The DxO One like Sony QX and Olympus Air lens cameras, is tasked to capture the best photos possible. After which it can be placed on the smartphone for two main reasons: share and archive.

 It can be use even without a smartphone since it is designed as a standalone camera. However, there’s no viewfinder on the camera itself, because it has a tiny little screen that displays what mode it’s in. It can be easily pocketed. While it can be more functional if paired with an iPad or iPhone.



 It has a little Lightning connector on a swivel on its side, that only means one thing: The compatibility of this device is only limited with iOS devices. It is not equipped with a Wi-Fi connectivity.

 So, how will it store and save the photos into the phone? Once connected to the iPhone, the camera software launches on the phone as a result it will turn the screen into a live viewfinder and control center.

 According to DxO, using a hard connection to the iPhone or iPad results in file transfers and response times that are up to 10 times faster than they’d be with Wi-Fi.

 The phone can be twisted up to 60 degrees in either direction to help with high-angle, low-angle, and selfie shots, and the photos you shoot with the camera are automatically saved to your phone’s photo roll. All this possible because of its swivel mount.

  The camera also has a MicroSD slot for storing images, and it automatically saves its 1080p/30 and 720p/120 videos to the card.


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