Toys Are Also Part Of The So-Called Internet of Things

Toys Are Also Part Of The So-Called Internet of Things

Can you imagine how busy Google is? Billions of users are actively using it from web browsing, sending and receiving email, chats, phones, docs, translation, and other thing people does in the web which concerns Google, another thing is Google’s projects inside its X-Lab. Do you think Google has all the time for more other endeavor? Perhaps, the answer is yes. Despite how busy the search giant is, when it comes to futuristic efforts Google always ready to embrace it like for example it recently cross roads with hi-tech toys.

  Teddy bears which are capable of controlling your gadgets and devices in home is what Google engineers up to nowadays. The Google Teddy bear would be an “anthropomorphic device” it means that the bear will have the ability to acknowledge social hints to control devices in the home. This device can be a doll or a toy but will have a great resemblance to human or an animal, could be a mythical creature and an inanimate object, in the end it is a robot regardless of what will be its face and body.

 The head of the toy is geared with a camera and a microphone, intentionally it can move so that thus and so it can maintain eye contact specially when conversing to humans.

 Pertaining to this the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office filing said, “In response to accepting the command, the anthropomorphic device may make an audio (e.g., spoken phrase or particular sound) or non-audio (e.g., a gesture and/or another visual signal) acknowledgment to the user.”

 The integration of this toy robot into the Internet of Things, through Wireless Fidelity or Wi-Fi this new toy will have the power to control home devices such as television sets, PCs, sound components and music systems. Smart home devices are also becoming more and more that means that it will be an additional things that this toy will control not to mention kettles, microwave ovens, gas range, and other home appliances.

 As explained by Google’s patent the device can be configured so so it can accept and execute voice commands, and that the camera installed in the toy’s head can recognize the face of the people living in the house where it also resides.

 There are concerns and worries consumers expressed with regards to this type of toys however in this particular effort Google is not all alone another toy makers like Mattel for instance that expresses its interest to develop a Barbie that will be connected to the internet and can literally talk with children.


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