Top 8 Free Apple Watch Apps For Healthy Living

Published: 11 June 2015Updated: 24 November 2023

Top 8 Free Apple Watch Apps For Healthy Living

Hello Heart (Free)
Keep an eye on your ticker with Hello Heart, an Apple Watch-compatible app designed to help you keep cardiovascular health. The software notifies you via your Apple Watch when it is time to check your blood pressure levels and allows one to input the info. Once you open the app on your iPhone, your hypertension history will appear in an easy-to-read graph which makes it easy to spot trends. The app is additionally incorporated with many clinics and hospitals, so you can download your lab outcomes and medical documents to the app for on-the-go access.

Lark Chat (Free)
Looking for a less tiresome means to trace your  normal daily diet? Alternatively of searching through a huge, confusing database, just talk into your wrist and Lark will log meals and sleep patterns for you.  And don’t worry about keeping track of most your  fitness data—exercise  is automatically tracked  by your Apple Watch’s built-in motion sensors. The app uses artificial cleverness to create your own private health coach, so you are able to get feedback tailored specifically to you and your habits 24/7.

Cue by Humana (Free)
While many apps focus narrowly on individual aspects of your health, Cue by Humana aims to promote healthy behavior by reminding you to simply take many small steps that add up to overall  good wellness. The app nudges you through the day to practice healthy practices, like  consuming more water,  stretching sporadically, focusing on your breathing, and spending some time outdoors. A colorful, easy-to-read chart tracks your  progress throughout the day to make sure you haven’t missed any one of your cues.

Mango Health (Free)
Keeping tabs on what medicines you are taking, when to take them, and things to avoid while you’re taking them may cause quite the hassle. Mango Health’s  medicine supervisor application aims to relieve that pain by permitting you to schedule your daily doses and receive timely reminders on your Apple Watch, so that you never forget to take your medication or order a refill. Whenever you schedule a dose, you’ll see any warnings and drug interaction information. The app also offers rewards points for taking your medicine correctly, which you yourself can trade for gift cards to your favorite shops or for donations to leading charities.

DocNow (Free)
If you are under the climate, the very last thing you need would be to hang out within the doctor’s waiting room with other coughing, sneezing patients. DocNow makes it possible to avoid  that scenario by offering  24/7 use of a network  of doctors that you can talk to individually via video clip talk. Request a session on your  Apple Watch and you’ll be buzzed when a doctor is available; open the app in your iPhone to begin your video assessment. If needed, your doctor will be sending a prescription to your local pharmacy. At $2.99 a moment, the consultation could be pricey, nevertheless the service’s convenience can’t be beat.

Clue (Free)
A missed menstrual period can be a very early warning sign of one thing more serious, and that’s why Apple received a great deal criticism for leaving  this critical component of women’s wellness away from its health apps. Clue is here to get the slack,  letting you track all aspects of your reproductive wellness, together with your  period, basal body’s temperature, pain degree, mood, and sex. The Watch app allows you to see where you might be in your cycle and receive reminders when you are most fertile.

BACtrack (Free)
This innovative app pairs with BACtrack’s line of police-grade smart breathalyzers ($49.99– $99.99) to monitor your blood liquor content (BAC). Set a reminder to just take a reading 15 mins after your final drink; the outcome will be transmitted to your Apple Watch, where you are able to compare it to past readings. The Apple Watch also features the Active ZeroLine function, which displays an estimate of when you’ll receive back to zero percent, with a countdown showing your estimated sobriety level over time.

FitStar Yoga (Free)
Yoga apps are a dime a dozen these times, but it’s not exactly convenient to avoid mid-pose, pick up your phone, making yes you’re in the right place. FitStar Yoga’s app for the Apple Watch displays the pose right on your own wrist, so it is possible to see at a glance if you’re getting it right. You can additionally see how much time you have gone of your workout and control the session by pausing or rewinding.


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