Tom Clancy’s The Division – The Wait is Almost Over

Tom Clancy’s The Division will soon hit home gaming consoles and for the PC, and many are already at the edge of their seats as they are filled with absolute excitement. While there is bound to be many comparisons made with this new Ubisoft game with other titles, trailers and initial previews of its gameplay aims to deliver strong multiplayer integration the likes of which Destiny players have already known for some time now. Complement that multiplayer element with its seemingly open world and you get yourself what could be a very good game right off the bat.

Tom Clancy's The Division - The Wait is Almost Over

Tom Clancy’s The Division Leaves Players Anxious for its Release

Many would even say that the Tom Clancy’s The Division is what Watch Dogs should have been. The game crosses everything that’s good about the multiplayer-style of gaming of Destiny plus the open world map of the likes of GTA V and Witcher 3.

To start, there’s the setting; players will find themselves in New York but everything seems different. There is a smallpox outbreak, which was the result of a targeted chemical attack, and all of this had started on Black Friday. The disease has spread on banknotes since those who are responsible for this attack knows that many people will be waving around their money at cash registers like there’s no tomorrow – and perhaps there will be no tomorrow if you don’t step up your game.

What’s surprising here is that the plot behind The Division is actually based off a areal simulation which was carried out by the US back in the year 2001. This simulation was called Dark Winter.

As part of the game, you will play a role within a civilian sleeper cell of agents which are trying to bring New York back to its former glory. Gameplay bring you to establish a Base of Operations, building a sanctuary for refugees, and hunting down terrorists. All of which will play a small, but critical role in the hopes of bringing back the sense of normality.

Unlike Destiny, characters are not confined to a character class. This is all about having the option to create a character that will fit your playstyle, but one that can also develop the same kind of abilities to assist other members of the team. In other words, you can change your character’s perks and abilities whenever you wish instead of creating a new character and starting over from scratch.

While Tom Clancy’s The Division offers a bevy of menus making the UI quite crowded, it is all very elegantly done. Furthermore, graphics are astounding and one that can make your eyes and mouth drool over. The game will hit the market on March 2016, while there will be a beta period by the end of January 2016.


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