Tom Clancy’s The Division – Can it Top Destiny?

Is Tom Clancy’s The Division the online shooter that we’ve all been waiting for? Can it really dethrone Destiny from its seat? Despite some negative reviews, Bungie’s game has already garnered over $500-million USD in sales in just the first day of its release. The majority of the reasons as to why people have bought it are out of intrigue, eagerness, and possibly even the media hype. The hype is similarly expected for Ubisoft’s online shooter and there are already parallels being drawn between the two titles.

Tom Clancy's The Division - Can it Top Destiny?

Tom Clancy’s The Division is Making Waves as More Players Join in

Both Tom Clancy’s The Division  and Destiny are shooters and both can only be played with an Internet connection. In other words, there’s no offline capabilities here. If you think this is a caveat, do note that both titles are meant to be played within an online community, much like what you can see in MMORPGs. Therefore, there’s nothing to gripe about this fact.

Moving forward, both titles are original franchises and both have undergone terribly long development periods (which are definitely worth the wait). However, many see The Division as to the more intriguing one.

What separates Ubisoft’s online-shooter from that of Bungie’s is that of its plot. To put it bluntly, it actually has one. Well, not that Destiny does not have one but the lore behind it doesn’t leave much impact with regards to gameplay.

In The Division, however, it pits players in mid-crises as it was just days after a virus sweeps through New York City. In Destiny, once you enter the game then be prepared to run, shoot, blow up, or slice through your enemies.

Ubisoft’s shooter presents a New York City that is far from being a bustling neighborhood. Since the biological outbreak has been released on one of the busiest days of the year, Black Friday, the city has been quarantined and cordoned off. The government then sends in a “division” of soldiers (which you’re part of) to keep the peace and find out just what happened exactly along with who’s the real perpetrators behind all the mess.

So, is Tom Clancy’s The Division really the winner here? For now, it’s still too early to say and the answer to that question can go both ways. Those who don’t care much about the narrative and overall playstyle can stick with Destiny, whereas those who want more depth in the game can go with Ubisoft’s shooter.


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