Today’s Hottest And Newest Technologies

tech developmentProgrammers and developers are loading up their arsenal with a variety of new tools. They are now inclining towards game-changing technologies such as Internet of Things and cloud. In one of the latest Global Development Survey (GDS) reports, more insights and the same trend have been described.

The GDS report from Evan Data Corporation outlines various trends on today’s technology. The survey was done on 1,441 developers from different parts of the globe and shows that the current developer community is largely interested in areas such as cloud, IoT, and robotics technologies.

Not all inventions are created equal. There are some arrive less or more as good things while others mainly prepare the stage for future innovations, and we have to approximate when that is. But we would bet that every milestone on this list will be worth keeping an eye on today and in the future.

Here is a list of the hottest technologies in the developer community today.

Big-Data Analytics Technologies

The report shows that developers of Big Data analytics are using their skills and knowledge to come up with applications for;

  • Technical services (10%)
  • Internet of Things (15.1%)
  • Non-computer related manufacturing (9.6%)
  • Telecommunications (10%)
  • Insurance/Finance (9.4%)

Data Mining Application Technologies

The data mining application developers are focusing on creating applications for;

  • Recreation, Arts and Entertainment (56.3%)
  • Automotive (52.9%)
  • Robotics (56.4%)

Their other areas of interest are Internet of Things (47.1%), manufacturing (46.7%), and telecommunications (48.3%).

Augmented Reality Technologies

Developers have created high-tech diving helmet simulations that are using augmented reality tech to show valuable information during underwater missions. Imagine riding directions showing up in front of you over the road, or assembly instructions just floating above the furniture you are trying to put together.

This is what augmented reality promises, and already, Snapchat has taken an early step in the area by monetizing one its greatest technologies.

Augmented reality happens when graphics are projected into a real scene, and “augmenting” is already there. Developers are now working to ensure that this technology is real and complete.

Internet of Things Technologies

Overall, 7% developers stated that IoT is somewhat significant to their current strategy while 45% say that it is a big part of their future plans. The report also points that 29.6% of developers are making IoT application today.

Adoption of Cloud

The rising popularity of cloud technologies has as well been reflected in this report. Today, 27.4% of all application developers are inclined to create an application on the cloud more than ever before.

Out of those, 66.8% are hoping to make a new cloud-based app in next coming year. 81.3% of them are currently making stuff on the cloud.

Developers are ascending the ladder that will take them to the cloud because of its various advantages such as better security, more reliability, better user experience, better data center speed and cheaper options.

Artificial Intelligence Technologies

41% of all developers call artificial intelligence a very crucial part of their plans in the years to come. This has become so popular as the new Artificial Intelligence firms offering a subscription model, thus, making things quite easier for independent startups and developers.

Internet of DNA

technologyA worldwide network of billions of genomes seems to be finally here with us in what is perhaps medicine’s greatest advance. This year, physicians have begun sending the genetic information of patients across the Internet to see if there is anyone, in any part of the world who can help out.

Programmers in Toronto started testing a system in January for trading genetic info with other hospitals. These technologies, in locations including Cambridge, Miami, and Baltimore, also treat children with Mendelian disorder that is brought about by rare mutations in a single gene. The system, dubbed “MatchMaker Exchange” represents one of the hottest technologies today. It offers a remarkable way to computerize DNA comparison from sick people in different parts of the world.

But as things times keep on changing, we shouldn’t be surprised if smarter and hotter technologies to pop out in a few years’ time. For now, let’s enjoy these cool technologies as we continue to work and dream for a better future.


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