The ZILU Smart Power Basic Backup Power Bank Lets You Charge Mobile Devices While On the Go

The ZILU Smart Power Basic Backup Power Bank Lets You Charge Mobile Devices While On the Go

If you’re running around town doing errands, or have been using your smartphone all day, and the battery is starting to run out, the ZILU Smart Power Basic Backup Power Bank won’t let you give the excuse of “the battery for my phone ran out.” This power bank, brought to us by ZILU, presents 4400mAh of extra battery juice. It can give the average smartphone of today up to a full-charge before the internal batteries of the power bank will run out. The port found on the device is compatible with most mobile phones, including the iPhone 6, iPhone 5 and 5S, 6S Plus, Samsung Galaxy handsets, and Nokia mobile phones. It is even compatible in charging other devices such as mobile tablets and portable 3G/4G Wi-Fi hotspots.

The ZILU Smart Power Basic Backup Power Bank is Incredibly Compact and Packs a Decent Amount of Power

You do not need a large storage space to stow away the ZILU Smart Power Basic Backup Power Bank as it is incredibly portable. One great feature of this power bank is that is generates less heat as compared to other devices of the same nature. Other power banks may deliver more power or have more “juice” to charge devices, but will generate more heat. More heat can damage the internal mechanisms of mobile devices during long-term use.

Costs of the ZILU 4400mAH Power Bank won’t break the bank. It can provide for up to 1,000 charging cycles and has already undergone efficiency tests. Results from such tests conclude that this portable charging outlet has 93% high efficiency. This means the gadget will be able to provide batteries with enough “juice” for a good, long while.

The design of this power bank is made with durable covers that are resistant to prints and scratches. There are 4 LED Battery status lights located at the top/front of the power bank to let users know its own battery levels. There are also 9 levels of protection for this power bank which makes it incredibly durable. These include resistance to temperature, input overvoltage, output overvoltage, short circuits, reverted input protection, overcharging, frequent resetting, output overcurrent protection, and a PTC protection system.

All in all, the ZILU Smart Power Basic Backup Power Bank is a great and very durable portable charging station for mobile devices. It is able to deliver a lot at the right price. It is recommended for anyone who are always on the go and have no immediate access to charge from a wall socket.

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