The Wileyfox Swift – New Phone from New Contender

The Wileyfox Swift - New Phone from New Contender

The Wileyfox Swift is a new smartphone contender from a new challenger in a growing industry. The company is aiming to win the budget market against the likes of other challengers in the sector such as Motorola and Vodafone. While a good number of new smartphone companies has popped up into the market over the last year, Wileyfox is one of the latest. It is a British firm that is about to launch 2 budget-friendly mobile phones. The Swift is the cheaper of the two.

Presenting the Wileyfox Swift. A Budget Phone from a New Contender in the Smartphone Industry

The company that will bring the Wileyfox Swift to the world started with a former employee from a bigger brand. Nick Muir, now CEO of Wileyfox, was the UK general manager of Motorola. The company also has staff from another British-based mobile phone maker Kazam. The company aims to break the bonds of people paying more for smartphone tech to which can be purchased at a more affordable price. They also want to break the continuity of people having to be bound by contracts to get their mobile handsets that are past their best. Also, the firm wants to let its customers know that they do not need ubiquitous marketing campaigns just to present a premium phone.

Now, on to the phone itself – the Wileyfox Swift mobile phone is the unassuming type as it looks quite plain when looking at its build and design. Even more so when looking at its back. However, the embossed fox-head logo at the back is a great touch that gives a great appeal to the entire smartphone. There is also a subtle orange accent around the corner of the camera (which is also a great touch). This is clearly a call out to the Moto G as this feature alone will let users shell out extra cash.

The back cover looks and feels like the pencils made from recycled paper cups. While it does look and feel this way, it does not bring on the cheap when it comes to design and build. Those who have already held the device have stated that the surface is smooth and it fits nice on the hand. Specs-wise, the Wileyfox Swift offers very identical specs to that of the Moto G, but at a more reasonable price. It offers a 5-inch screen that sports 720p resolution, and it’s made of Gorilla Glass 3 with an IPS panel. Contrast and colors of the videos and photos are great but not astounding. Looking at what this smartphone offers, it is clear that the company is starting to challenge the big names in the industry, starting with Motorola.

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