The Westport Independent Review – A Game About Newspapers

The Westport Independent is a game about how difficult it is t become an editor of a newspaper company. The setting comes from the year 1949 and the country is now under the rule of a new government. This government is keen to keep the population meek about its other plans. The media is censored, messages are being controlled, and those who have something to say is met with an iron fist. Your role is to whether to let this new government have its way, or to use the paper’s last moments of freedom to encourage public opinion against the country’s leaders.

The Westport Independent Review - A Game About Newspapers

The Westport Independent Lets You Take Control of the Fate of the Country

In The Westport Independent, you will choose which stories to publish, as well as deciding on what type of angle you wish your readers to view them from. You will pick out the juicy bits or you could choose to post positive stories about the government to integrate yourself with the system.

As the editor for the newspaper, you are only allowed to publish up to four stories per issue. This means you have to wade through different leads which can be from job losses, police crackdowns, to even lighter stories like a cat stuck on a tree. Once you have opened up a particular story, you are then given the freedom to strike out certain bits or even change the tone of how the headline will appear on the paper. For example, if a story of police brutality pops up, you can change it to something about a fair response for rebel anarchy that would otherwise question, or even threaten law and order.

Once you’ve selected on a story, the next decision you have to undertake is who to assign to write the entire article. Half of your staff are suspicious on the government’s intent whereas the other half are completely loyal to the new regime. Some may refuse to write the story at the drop of the hat, while others seem to be more eager to write more anti-government propaganda.

Playing The Westport Independent (PC, Android, and iOS), you will be brought with massive tasks of decision making and mind-balancing exercises. Almost all of your choices solely depend on which faction you want to take – the side of the government or the side of the people.

Even though The Westport Independent is incredibly short, never has a game made an absolute focus on the power of media and propaganda. Developers Double Zero One Zero certainly made a videogame that serves as a very unique experience.




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