The VR Experience Need Not Slash Your Pocket

The VR Experience Need Not Slash Your Pocket

Oculus Rift develop by Oculus owned by Facebook and other expensive gadgets such as the HTC Vive, and Sony Project Morpheus dominates conversation about the virtual reality headsets. This expensive wearable technology will bind you to a PC gaming or console. On the other hand the Samsung Gear VR is more likely a mobile which will only work on specific Samsung mobile handsets.

 However, to experience the virtual world it entails a corresponding price tags. To get these expensive VR you need hundreds in order to purchase the headsets, and of course additional price tag for the hardware that will drive the headset and you to the virtual world experience.

 There is an alternative, a cheaper means to experience the virtual reality world. Instead of paying for the hardware, all you need with this cheaper inexpensive way of virtual experience is only your Android or iOS smartphone which general population already owns one or more. There are already VR apps can be found in the app store which created for users consumption. Although, many of which are labeled as designed for Google Cardboard, but it also works with other VR devices as well.



 Google Cardboard

 The components to successfully create a Google Cardboard is to purchase the components that made up the Google Cardboard. Since the Google Cardboard is literally a piece of cardboard coupled with velcro and a pair of lenses. Most of the components are available at local hardware store or through unofficial Google Cardboard dopplegangers. You can build your own Google Cardboard following Google’s instructions. Components price starts at $15.

 Immerse Virtual Reality Headset

 Another VR headset cost more then the Google Cardboard but still considered as one of the inexpensive VR is the Immerse’s Virtual reality headset at $47. Unlike Google Cardboard this one particular VR offers headstrap. With Google cardboard you have to hold it up to the face while this one VR offers a strap. The foam inserts gives comfy experience. It has a plastic case, and the pair of lenses are adjustable.

 Archos Virtual Reality Glasses

 Archos also offers an inexpensive wearable tech which has a price tag of about $40. It has a plastic case where the smartphnes will be place on, and also a strap. More than that, this VR will also allows you to watch 2D and 3D movies. The app however, will be available later this year.

 View Master

 This one particular VR will be available later this year at $30. With the View-Master all you have to do is slide your smartphones into it.


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