The Roll Review – Take Charge of Your iPhone Camera Roll

The Roll is a free iPhone app from developer EyeEm and it can be downloaded from the App Store. It is designed to help you save time in organizing your hundreds of photos found in your Apple smartphone’s camera roll to let you save time and effort as it automatically curates all of your images. It has the ability to provide with neat and smart tasks such as scanning and tagging, to quantitative quality tacking. It also assists users in helping what to keep and what to delete. What it thinks to be the best photos will always land at the top of the stack. These are then accompanied by an “aesthetic score” of a number between 0 to 100.

The Roll Review - Take Charge of Your iPhone Camera Roll

The Roll Automates Certain Tasks in Organizing Your iPhone Camera Roll to Save You a Lot of Time and Effort

So how does the The Roll work? It works its magic with its proprietary image recognition technology called EyeEm Vision (just like the name of the developing company). It will then automatically tag and put scores in your photos. Furthermore, it will do its best in organizing them by topic, event, and location.

Its algorithm is based on computer vision that has been trained to look at millions of images. Therefore, it will not only be able to recognize content in general, but it will also detect mood and emotions. Once it is able to detect such elements, it will then generate keywords for the pictures. Users will then be able to browse their collection of images by tapping on a tagged set or searching with the use of a keyword. When it launched, The Roll app is able to recognize and tag some 20,000 keywords from different images. The company says that the app is learning how it is being utilized so it will continue on analyzing different photos and promises to improve accuracy.

While the function is great and the premise dawns from good will, there are some users of The Roll that do express their concerns, especially in the privacy department. The app does a very good job in tagging and rating, but it also does this as the images touch base with EyeEm’s server. While there are some who would prefer to let the app do its tasks in an offline manner, the developing company does promise that only tiny thumbnails are uploaded to its servers where they are processed. These thumbnails are said to be promptly removed. Furthermore, it has been reported that the transmission that takes place to and from the server will go through encrypted https protocol.


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