The Right Cup – It’s Not Water

If you’re a fitness-conscious individual and are tired of drinking water every-single-day, then perhaps you might to check out The Right Cup. It is a fruit flavored cup that tricks your brain into thinking that ordinary water is flavored. It is available in an array of flavors (saying that to a cup still feels a bit weird). It can be acquired in Mixed Berry, Apple, Cola, Peach, Orange, and Lemon Lime. There are no carbohydrates, additives, preservatives, and calories involved. It just changes your boring routine of drinking water all the time.

The Right Cup - It's Not Water

The Right Cup Lets You Think You’re Not Drinking Water

SO how does The Right Cup work? First, a brief overview about flavors and taste. The overall flavor experience is a combination between taste and scent. Even though our tongues are capable of tasting 5 sensations, it is also responsible of 80-percent of the flavor experience. Another reason is that when you’re nose is stuffed (probably because of colds), then you have a difficult time tasting anything at all. This is why when you get sick food tastes bland or disgusting.

The Right Cup works by inserting FDA approved aromatic fruit flavors into the cup itself. It is inserted with the use of a proprietary technology that has been safely introduced into the drinking unit. Therefore, when using the cup to drink ordinary water, your brain will be led to believe that you’re drinking another thing when in fact it is just plain water.

It is also as simple as it can get when using. Just pour water into the cup and drink. There are no fancy gimmicks, buttons, dials, or apps. Enjoy your “flavored” water, hassle free.

The company responsible for this creation aims to bring the cup to many people. For instance, kids who don’t drink enough water, or individuals who are too addicted to sugary or fizzy drinks, or for people who want to drink sugary liquids but can’t because of a health condition. Furthermore, it is environment friendly since you won’t be throwing away plastic bottles a lot.

It is also a great alternative for people who are trying to lose weight, or trying to maintain a healthy diet, when temptation is very adamant in the surroundings. Drinking water all the time can become absolutely boring, and this technologically-enhanced cup aims to change that concept.

The Right Cup is now available for crowdfunding over at the product’s Indiegogo page. It is completely safe for use for children, as well as for those under medications, or to people who have health conditions.


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