The Moto X Pure Edition: Xtra Awesomeness in an Xtra Smart Phone

The Moto X Pure Edition: Xtra Awesomeness in an Xtra Smart Phone

There are now a lot of smart phones out in the market and Android phones are very popular when it comes to the smart phone lists. Unless we have disposable income that’s big enough to keep on buying new phones daily, we only want the best phones in our hands! 

Introducing the Moto X Pure Edition. The best giant Android smart phone that values your money. It is everything a smart phone should be. It has everything a smart phone should have. Sleek, beautiful and fast! What more can we ask for? It comes in an amazing 5.7-inch display and a battery that does not drain as fast as your energy does. Charging? It’s even faster than your usual charging time so you can enjoy using this phone more. Awesome, eh? 

What makes this smart phone a stand out from the rest? Well, it’s the first and only customizable phone available in the market today. You have the freedom to make this phone your own, your personal item that you can use all the time. It is tailor-fitted to suit your high class needs.

Similar to Motorola‘s two previous Moto X phones, the Pure Edition will delight you with its many colors. The gazillions of options to choose from will surely excite you. Silicone, wood and leather backs are all at your reach! This smart phone will also give you a personal software. It’s an Android that will allow you to make your phone a brand of your own. This smart phone changes its setting depending on where you are at any time. It can automatically detect and adjust to different situation. For example,  it can go into vibrate automatically when you’re at a meeting or at works, read texts aloud when you’re driving, announce who’s calling when you’re home and silence itself when you’re asleep. You will also have the ability to increase your memory with an SD card slot!

Another is that, it can work on any carrier. No matter what you use, it’s gonna connect you to the world on your own choice of network! You will now have the chance to change your carrier anytime.

It wouldn’t hurt your wallet a lot but it would sure cost some bucks. The Moto X Pure Edition really stands out when it comes to pricing. Just think about getting this brilliant phone for half the price of leading smart phones in the market and having the chance to experience thrice as much as their specifications and performances. 

Nothing is perfect though, some cons include a slight thickness compared to Samsung Note 5 but has the same battery size. The fingerprint sensor is also a little sensitive and the finger rest “dimple” trademark of Motorola on the back-side is not placed properly. Your finger will not comfortably place there because it is very low on the phone. Taking a selfie also wouldn’t be a fizz because the Moto X Pure Edition has front flash, though it doesn’t look too stylish on black editions.

This is a stunning achievement from Motorola. It’s simply the best phone out in the market and we just can’t wait to try it! Go and place your orders on Wednesday on Motorola Amazon website and take a hold of the future right in the palm of your hands!

Where to buy Motorola Moto X Pure Edition? We recommend to buy the product from the link provided bellow.




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