The Incorruptibles – Knights of the Realm Review -Taking Out the Trash, err.. Corrupted

When it all boils down to it, The Incorruptibles – Knights of the Realm is simple game of rock, paper, scissors. There are many encounters that comprise campaign mode, and the main goal of each and every one of those battles are largely the same: to take out the Corrupted. The Corrupted are a series of heavily armored evil knights that are looking to send your people into nothingness. Therefore, it is up to you, and your troops, to take on their rivals. Each of your combatants have their different scales and capabilities. This means that there are some who are more suited in taking out smaller, more agile enemies, whereas others are more efficient in defeating larger brutes.

The Incorruptibles - Knights of the Realm Review -Taking Out the Trash, err.. Corrupted

The Incorruptibles – Knights of the Realm Brings a New Take on Mobile RTS

The Incorruptibles – Knights of the Realm is a complex language which does take some getting used to. However, it is a language that is essential if you want to defeat the more difficult stages. Otherwise, you may want to get used to dying repeatedly. Of course, there are microtransactions that will always make the difficulty curve a little less steep, but they still won’t guarantee you a win.

In terms of design, The Incorruptibles (iOS) feels like a mobile take on the familiar gaming model that has been seen in the Age of Empires titles. It lets you build, upgrade defenses in the middle of a battle, monitor, and even respond to what resources you have in any given time within a level to get the most out of your troops.

For a mobile RTS game that has levels designed to last longer than five minutes, it does offer a surprising depth of sophistication. On the off-hand, it does deliver a similar feel to other famous mobile games such as Clash of Clans, or at the very least, does not alienate thousands, or even perhaps millions of mobile gamers who have moved on from Supercell’s worldwide epic of a mobile game for something substantial.

With Knights of the Realm, it is designed to make you grind, and grind you will. This game has no energy system (which is a surprising touch), but it does offer a lot of waiting while bases are being built over an expansive map. When taking on levels, you need to have an army capable of wiping out the enemy’s own base. This means a whole lot of replaying some old encounters just to save up for certain upgrades to make further levels a bit easier.

Still, The Incorruptibles – Knights of the Realm is not without faults. There are topsy-turvy battles that can, and will keep you at the edge of your seats while you’re playing. Levels last about 5-minutes or so which is enough for a mobile RTS.


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