The HTC Vive – Still the Most Sought After VR Headset

The HTC Vive - Still the Most Sought After VR Headset

The HTC Vive has not been released to the public, yet, but many see it as one of the most promising virtual reality headsets to be created with today’s technology. The release date of this VR headset is just two months away and the details being released by the tech company is still exceedingly scarce.

The curiosity is beginning to pile up for VR and tech enthusiasts as a multitude of questions are seen on the rise. How much will it cost? Is it easy to set up and use? Does Valve or Steam have any involvement with the games that will be playable on the device? Are there any games ready for the gadget, at all? How many units will be available for the public to purchase come November 2015? These are all valid questions to which HTC still seems to be poking fun at the curiosity of many by not divulging the secrets of their new virtual reality headset. While many people are excited about the upcoming release, many are worried as it may not live up to expectations. Still, who knows since we still don’t know much of the device but recent tests still prove that it is a big contender in today’s market for the virtual reality experience.

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Excitement and Worry Are the Embodiment of Today’s Fans for The HTC Vive

Virtual reality is now being tapped by many companies across the globe and competition among them is becoming fiercer and fiercer. The HTC Vive already has a known competitor, which is the Oculus Rift, which is already making good head game in the stand for creating more games with virtual reality. However, with the recent tests being released by HTC, it would seem that the Vive is better in terms of performance.  The new HTC Virtual Reality Headset uses two base stations which are named “Lighthouse.” The stations will track the users position and the two controllers situated on both hands. The stations are located within a 15 x 15 foot area. While you are within that space, you can practically do anything you want.  The large area to move around in means that the HTC Vive easily beats out the Oculus Rift. After all, virtual reality is all about immersion into another world – the gaming world. The Oculus Rift might be perfect for moving around while sitting on your chair, but the Vive will have the upper hand when you want a more immersive experience.


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