The HandyCase Makes Your iPhone’s Back Touch-Sensitive Too

The HandyCase Makes Your iPhone's Back Touch-Sensitive Too

The HandyCase is a new iPhone case that is now available for raising funds on Kickstarter. The main idea behind the mobile phone’s case is to let you see your hands behinde your iPhone or iPad while you operate your mobile device without the hindrance of blocking the screen.

HandScape, the Silicon Valley startup company, brought the idea to life when they thought about the trouble of not being able to see your hands while you’re holding your mobile device. The premise behind the innovative iPhone case was created as about 80 percent of our fingers are covered behind the back of the electronic gadget. Therefore, that 80 percent of our fingers will be rendered useless as we usually just use about 2 take control of the mobile device while the rest just holds it.

The HandyCase Lets You Make Use of Your Entire Hand When Controlling Your iPhone

With The HandyCase, users of the iPhone and iPad are able to make the back of their mobile device to be touch sensitive. Therefore, iPhone and iPad users will be able to touch, pinch, steer, shoot, turn a page, and use other commands while using all of their fingers on the hand without the hassle of blocking the action at the front of the screen.

One of the most trendy features of HandyCase is that it is able to create representations of your hands and fingers on the screen. This creates an illusion as if the phone was transparent and you could see what’s behind the mobile device. Users are able to tweak the settings through an accompanying app as to how vivid their “hands” will be displayed on the screen.

This iPhone or iPad case is able to link to the gadget via Bluetooth. Therefore, users are able to use the case even when it is off the device to represent a “remote control” for the mobile device.

While ingenious, the drawback of this case is that it’s features will only be available to apps that have been designed specifically for said iPhone or iPad case. Tong Luo, creator of this iPhone case, stated that there is only one game available for the case (which is available for download at iTunes). The title of the game is called HandsCube which is similar to the Rubik’s Cube. However, Luo also said that other games will be available for download when the product is expected to be released in April 2016.

 The HandyCase by HandScape is accepting financial backers over at Kickstarter until October 23, 2015.


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