The Division – New Glitch Lets Players Earn Unlimited Credits

It would seem that The Division has more bugs and glitches that are being found by its players, and just recently, and what could possibly be a game breaking glitch has risen. In this new issue, it allows players to quickly and quite easily gain a large sum of credits without having to grind for countless of hours.

The Division - New Glitch Lets Players Earn Unlimited Credits

New Glitch Found in The Division Lets Players Earn a Ton of Credits With Minimal Work

It has been a very rough week for the developers of The Division. In fact, saying that the developers are having a bad week is an understatement. The highly anticipated April update for the game brought players with a lot of new content, features, and even a new mission that goes by the title of Falcon Lost. However, with said update, the entire game has now been under fire from players as numerous glitches have already been reports and bugs can now be experienced more than ever. The latest one to be added onto that list of issues is a possibly game breaking glitch in which it allows players to earn a huge amount of credits without having to work so hard on it.

For the glitch itself, it is quite easy to pull off. It only requires players to have kneepads with the Prosperous talent enabled. This is the equipment that needs to be used as specific talent rewards headshot kills with 120 credits. Therefore, players would just have to swap the  Prosperous kneepads between another set. What this does is it will cause the talent to stack and will reward the player with 120 credits per stack. Hence, the process can then be repeated over and over, which would eventually let players earn up to 100,000 per kill.

Now, in games, even in Tom Clancy’s The Division, there is a certain level of difficulty that is placed there by the developers to give a certain degree of challenge to its players. If the game has something that makes it too easy for players to gain strength, stats, equipment, or the like in a short amount of time and without having to do much, then it can cause an imbalance within the game. For players that are following how the game is supposed to work, they would most certainly cry something like the newly found glitch in the game as unfair.

As to how Ubisoft will respond to this latest glitch in The Division is still a topic of debate (at the time of writing). However, it does not seem that they’re not doing anything pertaining to the recent issues of the game. Recently, the developers have admitted that they are looking for ways to punish players who exploited another glitch pertaining to the Falcon Lost mission.


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