The Division – Latest Hotfix Gets Rid of Incursion Glitch

There have been a lot of things going around The Division as of late, and most of them are not the kind of things that you would jump for joy about. Ubisoft Entertainment’s latest hit of a game has just received a major patch recently and with it comes a slew of problems for gamers. There have been frequent disconnections coming from a lot of players, and tons of glitches that have risen. Speaking of the latter matter, the developers of the game have their hands full thanks to the APC glitch which makes the fight easier to complete. However, Ubisoft was quick on the uptake as they have already released a hotfix to rectify the issue.

The Division – Latest Hotfix Gets Rid of Incursion Glitch

Ubisoft Releases Hotfix for The Division to Fix APC Glitch

As per recent reports, The Division servers went offline recently for approximately thirty minutes to release a hotfix in order to fix the APC exploit glitch. Said issue allowed players to damage the APC without having to trigger a new wave. Aside from this particular glitch, the patch also fixes the weekly reward glitch in which players have been using. Now, gamers are able to receive rewards on how they are supposed to.

Following the aforementioned update, there are also reports that the reward glitch can still be done and was not fixed. Because of this, developer Ubisoft issued another hotfix for The Division just moments later after the initial update was released. This new hotfix disabled weekly rewards altogether until the next weekly reset.

Furthermore, the update also fixes issues pertaining to missing characters which is the gravest concern that sent players losing their minds and questioning Ubisoft for what the recent major update did to their accounts. The characters have now been restored to their status that was confirmed back on April 12. Unfortunately, if there are any progress after said date that has been done, then they are all lost.

On the matter of bug exploitation in The Division, Ubisoft commented on that note as they said that those who have taken part in such deeds to get loot drops over the normal allowance will be penalized. Furthermore, all of their additional drops will become temporary. Aside from this, there were no other points of information revealed by the developers on the aforementioned matter. Still, it is quite safe to say that all t extra gear for those who have exploited the bug will only have a limited time to enjoy them, unless they acquire them once more but in the right way this time around.


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