The Division – 1.1 Patch Brings Frustrating Design. Chaos Due to Instability Ensues.

Gamers who were excited in getting patch 1.1 of The Division did not have a satisfactory experience when the update rolled out. There were lots of disconnection issues and other problems that may want you to throw your controller across the room due to immense frustration.

The Division - 1.1 Patch Brings Frustrating Design. Chaos Due to Instability Ensues.

Patch 1.1 of The Division Hits and Hits Hard

Patch 1.1 of The Division was just recently launched and there are new gameplay options introduced such as stomping your feet on the floor, flinging your controller across the room, gritting your teeth, or shouting expletives. Why? Because there’s a ton of problems that not many, if not all fans of the title would want to see and experience in their beloved game.

To start, which is something close to Destiny’s raids before patch 1.1, is in the form of Falcon Lost. It still features the same four player cap as with regular missions, but this time in a very far less inspiring design. The last mission in the main storyline campaign of the game, called The General Assembly mission, brings forth a more satisfying experience with better mechanics and an even better boss fight. When playing Flacon Lost, you and your other teammates will quickly clear out some trash found in the sewers beneath New York City before you the end of the instance. At the end, there is an APC backed by wave after wave of Last Man Battalion baddies that will come at you.

Even though Falcon Lost in The Division is challenging in its own right (as it brings 15 waves of enemies), it was possible to do damage to the APC with grenades, guns, and special abilities. However, in the hotfix that was launched in the same day as the major update, this was immediately removed. This left players with boring encounters and even a gimmicky take on tower defense. There’s also a bunch of errors that can pop up which includes continuous disconnections and even missing characters.

If you think that Falcon Lost is a letdown, the introduction of dailies is an even more saddening experience. The dailies (or daily challenges) should be great as it was thought that they would incentivize players into doing enjoyable things, but it is far from it. Think about this – you have to combine hundreds of low level materials to get mid-tier materials, then go through the entire process again to gain higher-end ones, but you have to do it about 30 times to get that specific material that you want.

Overall, Pacth 1.1 of The Division is very underwhelming, however, there are players who still find themselves drawn to the game despite now having tons of issues.


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