The creation of Apple SmartWatch gives us a glimpse what the future of smartphones will be.

The creation of Apple SmartWatch gives us a glimpse what the future of smartphones will be.

The best feature Apple watch has is it is well-built, not to mention it is a solid smartwatch that is packed with first-rate software, legion of apps, and it is capable of sending and receiving calls through an iPhone.

Apple Smartwatch plus iPhone equals function utilization.

The Apple Smartwatch needs an iPhone to utilize its functions in a certain manner like receiving and sending calls to name one of many. This means that the Apple Smart Watch is not a standalone device. The battery life is short that hardly last a day this is a minus point for the good-looking Apple smart watch, further the recharging of battery is quietly sluggish. However, it is not the worst for the first attempt knowing it is the first generation of Apple’s Smartwatch.

From smartphone accessory to becoming the next big thing.

The smartwatches today are just a smartphone accessory but time will eventually come that the smartwatches will replace smartphones, it is where this thing headed as Apple designed the Apple smartwatch to make people lesser rely on smartphones.

The Apple smartwatch can do some things most people do with their smartphones. This watch can is a pro-fitness that can tracked your walks and measure your heart rate, like in your smartphones with this smartwatch you can listened to music of your top picked albums, through this smartwatch you can chat with your family and friends, receive, read and send e-mails, can browse for cars that are for sale, update with the news, can control Apple TV with it and followed baseball games even babysitting.

The Apple smartwatch is a point where we can clearly see what will be the future of our phones, although it will be a long not to mention a bumpy journey but the sail starts now and is heading to that direction. This is only the beginning of more to come, the starting point of a new innovation in the field of electronics technology.


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