The Chromebit – Google’s Computer-On-a-stick

The Chromebit – Google’s Computer-On-a-stick

Google’s latest Chromebook is the Chromebit Stick this stick is actually a computer that capable of connecting to any monitor using HDMI port. This particular stick is made by Asus and will be out on summer.

There is no announcement for its price yet however it Google already made a statement that the cost will be less than $100.

This is one of Google’s many expansions, this computer has 2GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage, has a USB 2.0 port that can connect to other peripherals through Bluetooth, these computer-on-a-stick are ultra portable and according to Google’s Vice President Caesar Sengupta he sees that the Chromebit will be used by Backpackers inside an Internet Cafe, or by students, docking into the school’s monitors, at airports, or at home, where family members can swap out their own computer at the same monitor. Interestingly, the company seemed most excited about the Chromebit’s potential for controlling digital signs and billboards. Additionally this stick will come in different attractive colors.

Aside from Chromebit there are also different devices that soon will come out and some of these are:

1) Flipping Chromebook – his is a hybid of bendable laptop and tablet; it is made of metal with a touch screen. Once you flip it the OS will switch into tablet mode. The cost of this Flipping Chromebook is at $249, and will be available in spring.

2) Haier Chromebook 11e – This is a Chromebook particularly for kids in grade-school. This laptop is ready to be abused, not to mention to be dropped and tossed around because it is ruggedized. Additional feature of this laptopn is it spill resistant; surely it is a kid proof device.

What more is in there? There is an update to the Chrome OS that will let you log into a Chromebook without a password but through your smartphone, your smartphone will served as your password that will authenticate your identity.


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