The Asus OnHub – Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal With a Wave of the Hand

The first OnHub router was made using TP-Link hardware, this time around, Google has upgraded the device and is now called the Asus OnHub. Looking at what’s on paper, it is basically the same as the router that TP-Link had offered. It is a dual-band AC1900 Wi-Fi router that has a top speed of 1,300Mbps on the 5GHz band while having a top speed of 600Mbps on the 2.4GHz one. There is also one Gigabit LAN port and a USB 3.0 one as well. This new router powered by Asus technology has a built-in Bluetooth connectivity which will support the Home Automation wireless standard.

The Asus OnHub - Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal With a Wave of the Hand

Enter the New Asus OnHub

Looking at the Asus OnHub at first glance, it is practically similar to the TP-Link model. Both have the same cylindrical shape but this time around, the top is wider. Furthermore, to properly set the router up, users are needed to be connected to the Internet and an Android or iOS mobile device at the ready. To properly install the functions and manage the device, the Google On app is needed. Setting the router up the first time requires the Google On app, and thus, users need to have a Google account to properly install it.

Even though the looks and specs are almost the same, the Asus OnHub router has a new feature which Google calls it the Wave Control. It lets you boost the Wi-Fi speed with just a wave of the hand over the router. However, it is still unclear as of the moment as to how the router will know which Wi-Fi connection on what device to boost. It is clear, however, that this new router is not cheap. The price of this device is even double than that of many other AC1900 routers.

Together with the release of the router, the search engine and tech giant will also release their first firmware update. This update will have improvements, including a new feature called Smart Antenna. With Smart Antenna, the router will enable to intelligently select the best combination of antennas to send Wi-Fi signals to the devices within range. This is based on the devices’ location and orientation. Hence, this will then offer faster and more reliable wireless connections.

The new Asus Onhub router is not yet available to the public as of the moment but it is already out for preorder. Reports state that the device will ship sometime in November 2015.


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