The Apple 3D Touch May Be The Company’s Biggest Innovation To Date

The Apple 3D Touch May Be The Company's Biggest Innovation To Date

Many perceived that the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus (as a complete package) where the real highlights of Apple’s latest event, but everything may have changed when the Apple 3D Touch was introduced. In fact, the feature may seem that it even stolen the spotlight from the Apple TV.

The 3D Touch found in the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus is a great innovation to smartphone technology. What it does is it brings force sensitivity to the mobile phone’s screen. In other words, a light tap will produce different results than a hard press. The screen will know if the user is making a light tap or a hard press and will immediately follow suit with different commands.

The Apple 3D Touch is an Innovation Which iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Users Can Thoroughly Enjoy

With the Apple 3D Touch, a light touch on the screen can bring a pop-up preview of an email whereas a harder press can open the entire contents of said message. A haptic feedback is embedded into the command so that users will know if they’re pressing hard enough.

In the recent Apple event at San Francisco, they showed how 3D Touch can work in a new iOS game. The mobile game is entitled Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade. It is an action shoot-em-up game wherein players play the role of an Imperial Knight. This “knight” is actually a giant walking mechanized object that is bent on endless destruction throughout the entire map area of the game world.

Controls of the game which also featured the new screen feature for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus vary depending on how hard the finger is pressed onto the device. A simple touch will direct the “knight” on what the player wants to shoot while pressing a bit harder will zoom into the target for a more refined method of shooting… things. An even harder press will result in an option wherein players can swap out weapons for a different armament. This is all done without taking your finger off of the mobile device’s screen.

Gamers adore the new Apple 3D Touch as it opens new doors to mobile gaming. Developers will also be able to incorporate the new technology to new games and apps that will be exclusive to iOS devices. While the news about the Apple TV is still something to knock a lot of people’s socks off, mobile gamers are seen to be more enthralled about the new touch screen technology.


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