The All New HCX Digital Hearing Aid Technology

The All New HCX Digital Hearing Aid Technology

All hearing aids work the same way. The microphone picks up the sound and sends an electric signal to the digital sign processor. The digital signal processor is the “brains” of the hearing aid. It requires the sound it receives and adjusts the sound to amplify important speech noises as well as filtering out unwanted sound. To ensure the most useful in quality, the digital processor was created and manufactured the following in the United States. Once the processor has amplified the sound, it is passed away to the receiver (also referred to as the speaker) where it emits a corrected and amplified sound through the sound tube into the ear.

Above all, your brand-new HCX hearing aids work at a fraction of the cost of name-brand hearing aids. In addition to the technical the different parts of the hearing aid, you likewise have a volume control that may be modified with a light touch of this little finger. Your brand-new hearing aids come with 3 different audio programs that help you listen in different sound surroundings. You will love the Open-fi t design, that is so light you probably will not even feel you are wearing your hearing aids – you will simply  be hearing plainly!

Key Features of HCX Digital Hearing Aid

  • Digital sound processing chip provides magnificent sound and makes speech better to understand without feedback
  • Multiple memory programs adapt to most listening situations
  • Nearly invisible thin pipe design
  • Helpful low battery warning so you are never caught unprepared Long lasting size 13 batteries
  • 10 bands of layered noise  reduction assists to emphasize voices while balancing out back ground sound


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