TextExpander – Alternatives That You Can Try

TextExpander has a subscription service to which many are not quite fond of, but there are several option that you can try out. For as long as we’ve been using Mac computers to type text (some of which can already be deemed as repetitious), this particular feature has been one of the original alphabet automators. However, the price for getting is will certainly rub some people the wrong way. If you’re looking for an alternative to that, then read on.

TextExpander - Alternatives That You Can Try

Alternatives to TextExpander

Even though TextExpander might be the more popular option (despite its price), it is certainly not the only one out there. There are cheaper alternatives that you can find, download, and install into your Mac.

For instance, there’s aText. Priced at only $5, it does not have TextExpander’s easy-to-use user-interface or its brand recognition, but it does stack up in just about every other aspect. This particular app calls itself a text accelerator rather than a text expander. This affordable application lives up to its description as it will speed up your typing skills due to its array of shortcuts for the things that you write.

Then there’s Dash 3, which is priced at $30. It might be almost there to that of TextExpander’s price, but it does offer a lot of help with regards to typing. You can use the app to expand just about any bit of text. It is also built to speed up the coding process for developers as it is able to cut down on thousands of very tedious instructions that need to be written. Furthermore, the customizable text are fully searchable, and it also provides users with an indispensable database of references and rules if you ever need to sharpen your syntax typing skills.

If you’re looking for an app that is useful because of its age, then try TypeIt4Me. This app has a cost of $20 and it has been storing snippets as well as expanding texts since the early days of System 6. It was useful then, and it certainly hasn’t lost its touch today.

But if you don’t want to pay anything when it comes to text expanding or snippet saving like TextExpander, there is a free option, and it doesn’t even require a download. To do this, just go inside the System Preferences inside your Mac. While not as powerful as other standalone apps, but it does have the basics down.


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