Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum is a Must-Buy for Fans of the Mechanical Keyboard

Published: 2 November 2015

Those who are big fans of the mechanical keyboard will marvel at the Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum. Taking a look at the keyboard physically, it has an extremely similar design to the original Excalibur (the keyboard, not the legendary sword). The Spectrum is just as solidly built as the old version and it has the same rubber mats on the feet as well. These mats prevent the keyboard from slipping. Oh, and it has pretty strong keys as well.

Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum is a Must-Buy for Fans of the Mechanical Keyboard

What’s New in the Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum Mechanical Keyboard

There are a few minor improvements to the Tesoro Excalibur Specrum keyboard. One such update is the USB cable which is now covered in a strong mesh. Another one is the gold USB connector. Other changes are for cosmetic purposes, such as the moving the controls to adjust the brightness and mode right from the keyboard.  Those who knew the old Tesoro Excalibur will notice that the brand name is gone from the spacebar. Instead, there’s just a long line on said key.  Other than the aforementioned changes, there’s pretty much nothing left that the Excalibur Spectrum keyboard has to offer; well, visually anyway.

Under the hood, there are more updates that were made for the new Excalibur keyboard. There’s the difference in LEDs, in which the original one had a single color whereas this new version will let users choose from a wide array of colors.  While still under the subject of the keyboard’s LEDs, users are able to adjust the brightness of the lights on the device itself. There are different brightness levels available, from no light to very bright. Furthermore, the updated keyboard now has 7 different functions to allow the keys to light up in different ways. These are Trigger, Firework, Radiation, Rainbow Wave, Ripple, Breathing, and Spectrum Colors.

The Trigger mode will let the lights up individually as soon as you press the key above that certain LED. Ripple will make the entire keyboard light up each time a key is pressed. Firework works like Trigger mode but will also light up the surrounding keys in a different color. Radiation mode will let the light streaks run horizontally from the key that you pressed.  Breathing mode will let the lights fade on and off. Rainbow Wave is more like a demo mode for the device as it will show of all the keyboard’s colors for its LEDs. Lastly, the Spectrum Colors is used in conjunction with the dedicated software to make the keyboard’s keys light up in different colors.  There is little to be branded as “new” for the Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum keyboard, but the snazzy new lighting system is really great. Ultimately, it is quite the impressive update.


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