Taobao – A Chinese Version of Amazon, but Larger and Incredibly Faster

If you think that Amazon has perhaps one of the largest inventories in the e-commerce space, then perhaps you might not have heard about Taobao. Simply put, it is the Chinese version of Amazon, but there are key differences between the two. For instance, it is a lot faster as products can sometimes be delivered in as little as minutes compared to Amazon’s delivery service equating to days before it reaches your doorstep.

Taobao - A Chinese Version of Amazon, but Larger and Incredibly Faster

Taobao Can Deliver Items in as Little as Minutes Instead of Days

There are many who would immediately give Taobao a moniker such as “China’s Amazon,” and perhaps they are right. The company is already dominating the Chinese mobile e-commerce space as they already have an app with the same name. The firm is owned by the Alibaba Group, which is one of China’s largest Internet companies. For those who are quite unfamiliar as to what they do, it is a combination of eBay and Amazon as they are able to sell over 800-million items. If you think that smartphones, beds, mobile tablets, and clothes are the only thing that they sell, then think again. When you scour through their inventory, you might even want to purchase Vietnamese brides. Furthermore, what makes them so special is not only the fact that you can order brides from them, but the express service can have products at your door in as little as 15-minutes.

The service works like this – for example, if you order an item that is in stock and can be easily delivered, and you opted for the express delivery option, you will receive a call from the distributor in as little as 15-minutes. The person on the other line will ask if someone will be home for today so that they can properly deliver your package. If schedules are then fixed, then the distributor will then send off a delivery person with package in hand.

Products on Taobao are sold at a fixed price or through auction. These items are found in different regions across Chine as well as surrounding Chinese-speaking countries. When you browse through their items, you will be able to see great deals on clothing, foods and spices, household appliances, and of course, the aforementioned Vietnamese brides.

At the time of writing, there are already over 98-million people who use Taobao. During the last Singles’ Day, which is the country’s largest annual online sales event, the Internet company reported an earnings of over $10-billion, and this was all in one day.


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