Tableau: A stand-alone water system that will water your indoor plants

Tableau: A stand-alone water system that will water your indoor plants

By just placing a plant indoor we can get a lot of benefit, as indoor plants has the ability to reduce components of indoor air pollution, particularly volatile organic compounds luckily these compounds are removed primarily by soil microorganisms. Plants help eliminates Carbon Dioxide aside form that plants also aid to lower airborne microbes and increase humidity.

How good it is to place a plant inside our homes, on top of our office table, in the living room, it serves not just an ornament but it also provide necessary help once indoor. What hinder you to place these beneficial plants inside your home? One of the primary reasons why placing a plant inside a house can be a problem is because it requires you to water it on a regular basis which is something you can’t perfectly do. Yes or no?

There is a new technology that addresses that particular issue and it is called Tableau, this one particular creation is a new take on an automatic watering system for houseplants that aims to make it easy to avoid either over- or under watering these fussy lodgers. This water system is indeed a solution, there is no reason why your plant indoor have withered.

The best of what Tableau has to offer is it is not dependent to electricity. This water system has its own bi-valve system which controls the flow of water based on humidity and pressure and also its own water reservoir. Placement of plants will be the least or your concern since you can place it anywhere you like inside your house.

There is just one important thing you always have to check, you have to make sure that the reservoir so this system is filled with water otherwise it can’t water your plants. This is indeed a good system which is unlike other water system requires electricity to power it, with this system you will not worry about your electricity bill, with this system there is no way that you can’t water your indoor plants.


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