Surface Pro 4 – A Look Inside Microsoft’s Masterpiece After 6 Months

The Surface Pro 4 made by tech giant Microsoft was designed to be a showcase for the Windows 10 operating system in a hardware format. It has been 6 months since the release of the hybrid device and many still firmly believe that it is a machine that shows the many capabilities of the Microsoft operating system. These capabilities dwell in both the negative and the positive side of things.

Surface Pro 4 - A Look Inside Microsoft's Masterpiece After 6 Months

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Still has Problems Such as Limited Battery Life, But it Still Packs a Powerful Punch

Microsoft dubs the Surface Pro 4 as the “tablet that can replace your PC.” When you ask owners if this statement is true during some time after the launch of the hybrid device, then you might have certainly had heard a definite “No.” However, 6-months after the release of the machine, along with some updates along the way, those people might have changed their minds as the tablet/laptop unit may have what it takes to replace your personal computer. Well, at least for a certain segment of the market that is in need of extreme mobility as well as the ability to do complex work found on a large screen.

Ironically speaking, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 does fall a bit short for its tablet mode. This is not because of the hardware itself but it is the result of an ecosystem that is light on the kind of apps that would otherwise make it an extremely great tablet.

Aside from the lack of support from mobile apps, it was also plagued with multiple issues a bit after its release. It was even deemed to be unreliable as a primary work computer. For instance, there are reports that the machine would fail to resume operations right after sleep mode, which would require a full power cycle just to restore normal functionalities.

Another caveat that the hybrid device brought within the first few months of its release was its Surface Dock. Sure it was a great piece of innovation but it also delivered some frustrations as well. For example, there are some who experienced flickering video output and sometimes it had a maddening tendency to disconnect with peripherals right after resuming operations after sleep mode.

But it does not mean that Microsoft did not listen to customer’s feedback as within the months after the release of the Surface Pro 4, they have made multiple  firmware and driver updates. While it still does have a few issues, glitches, and bugs here and there, there might come a time when the tech firm listens to more of their consumer’s feedback and complaints to provide a decent fix, or at least a workaround.


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