Street Fighter V Review – An Unfinished Release

Street Fighter V is now being called one of the epitome of a legendary title of fighting games that has now been made for this generation’s gaming consoles. Available on the PS4 and for the PC, it looks utterly amazing. Hence, it is worthy to be called one of the greatest fighting games in modern times, visually speaking. Gameplay is superb as it upholds the classic play style that the game is known for throughout the years while introducing new mechanics that should please newbies and veterans alike. There are also new characters introduced and a richer online experience that would make the game interesting for a good long while. The only problem with this title is that it’s not actually finished yet.

Street Fighter V Review - An Unfinished Release

The Street Fighter V Looks and Plays Really Good, Even Though It’s Not Yet Finished

It would seem that Capcom is delving more into the multiplayer aspect of Street Fighter V. Simply put, there is a severe lack of solo content. Sure, there’s the Story mode wherein you will get to choose one character, fight through several opponents, and get to know more about their back-story. In this mode, it features beautifully hand-drawn static panels with recorded dialogue that do not sound lame, at all. Story mode is very easy to come by as you can probably finish it in a 3-hour sitting.

There’s also the single-player challenge mode, wherein it will come with daily quests and battle tips missions. As of the moment, the online battle lobbies will only support up to two players. However, there will be an upcoming update that will hold up to 8 people in a single lobby. This is to handle the spectators that can watch each particular match.

There is also a shop in Street Fighter 5 wherein you can purchase extra costumes, and eventually even add more fighters, with the in-game money you gain for winning your bouts. However, the shop won’t be available yet but will come in the same update with the increase in the maximum number of people inside the lobby.

While there are a number of solo-player modes, they can be incredibly short and can lack replay value. Perhaps the most significant chunk of single-player content is found within the survival mode. Here, you will take on 30 challengers with just a bar of health. A small recharge of health will be given to you every time you win a bout.

Street Fighter V still has the makings of a great fighting game. Fans of the title, and even newbies, will be able to enjoy this 5th iteration that is brought to modern-day gaming machines. However, players might to wait for the release of the major update before getting the game.


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