Street Fighter V – April Update Brings in Guile and Other New Content

One of the characters from the original roster of Street Fighter makes a very triumphant return in Street Fighter V. Developer Capcom has made the announcement on an April 26 tweet, in which the post says: “Guile is planned to be released in North America on April 28th by 7on PST! #SFV #RiseUp.” Capcom delivered their end of the deal and Guile has indeed been released to much of the appreciation of the game’s long-time fans.

Street Fighter V - April Update Brings in Guile and Other New Content

Guile Sonic Booms His Way Into Street Fighter V

Harrison Young talked about the return of Guile in Street Fighter V in more detail within the April update found in an official blog post in the PlayStation Blog. He wrote the following: “Guile is certainly one of the most iconic Street Fighter characters as he was one of the original eight World Warriors in Street Fighter II. His connection to Charlie Nash was revealed in his Street Fighter II ending as he prepares to finish off M. Bison once and for all for killing his friend and mentor – but is stopped at the last moment by his wife Jane.”

As for the details on Guile’s abilities as he Sonic Booms his way into Street Fighter 5, it seems that the character has three sets of devastating attacks. These are the Sonic Hurricane, Solid Puncher, and the Sonic Blade. For the Sonic Hurricane, it proves to be the most devastating move out of the three as it will hit the opponent with the Sonic Boom move.

Along with the release of Guile, Capcom also launched his battle costumes that come free with the update. However, those who want to take advantage of getting all of Guile’s free battle costumes should hurry in acquiring them as they won’t be available for very long; well, at least until the Zenny Shop will develop his trials and character story.

On the other side of the April update, Capcom-Unity has also revealed more details pertaining to the 5th major installment of the Street Fighter franchise’s April patch as the developer states that they have fixed a lot of bugs and glitches that players were complaining about. Known characters that had multiple issues fixed include those found when playing as Bison, Ken, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, Laura, M.Bison, Alex, Ryu, Cammy, Karin, Necalli, M. Bison, and R. Mika.

There are also other information pertaining to the April update of Street Fighter V, especially with regards to various fixes and balance changes. Furthermore, joining with Guile is the first new stage to be added into the game and it is the character’s own Air Force Base that is reminiscent of older Street Fighter games, but this time around, it has a shiny new jet in the background.


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