SteelSeries Nimbus Review – A Gaming Controller for the Apple TV

If you like to play games on your Apple TV, then perhaps you might want to check out the SteelSeries Nimbus. Since it is quite clear that Apple is pushing more of its mobile market than its home-entertainment systems, they have decided against producing their own gamepad for the Apple TV. That job was then left to SteelSeries. So what can we expect with this game controller specifically designed for Apple’s TV?

SteelSeries Nimbus Review - A Gaming Controller for the Apple TV

The SteelSeries Nimbus Arrives With Shortcomings

The look of the SteelSeries Nimbus looks like a mashup of the controllers found in Sony’s and Microsoft’s gaming consoles. However, the overall design is more Xbox than PlayStation. It even has almost exactly the same size as the one from Microsoft, and it even has the same labeling on the 4 right buttons (them being the Y, B, A, and X buttons). It has a curvy build which makes it suitable for extended periods of gaming. It also comes equipped with dual triggers at the back which will feel very familiar for anyone who is familiar with the Xbox One controller.

When it comes to its PlayStation similarities, it is seen in its button layout. You will get two concave analogue nubs on the Nimbus which sit next to each other. Another familiar feature is the directional button that is also quite similar to Sony’s controller. However, using the D-Pad is a tad less on the tactile side and it even feels rather mushy. The sticks, on the other hand, have the right amount of resistance.

Its design is so simple that it won’t impress anyone. It has industrial looks that won’t turn heads but it’s not the type that would make you want to hide it amongst your friends either. Build quality is also pretty solid.

Since this is a controller for the Apple TV, it is already a rarity in itself. It uses Bluetooth 4.1 to connect but its performance in connectivity does not live up to par. There will be frequent disconnections, or even the device will unhappily unpair itself. This becomes the greatest disadvantage of the controller.

Another caveat is that there is no charging cable provided right out of the box, which means you have to provide your own. It also lacks more features that would justify its price. But what it does have is a very nice battery life as it can be played continuously for 40-hours on a single charge.

However, it all boils down if you really need the SteelSeries Nimbus for the Apple TV. A lot of individuals use Apple’s tiny box for movies, images, and surfing the Internet, and less about games. Add that notion to the fact that this thing likes to disconnect a lot from the Apple TV and you have a controller that’s even harder to recommend.


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