Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Review – Simple But a Bit Confusing

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is available for download for iOS and Android devices. When it comes to its battle-style, this game is not afraid to fall back from a norm that has already been well-established by the franchise. Instead of high-action playstyle, players will get to experience a simple turn-based RPG, that’s slightly leaning on the confusing side.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Review - Simple But a Bit Confusing

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a Mobile Turn-Based RPG

In Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, it takes on the norm from many turn-based RPGs. You have your band of heroes on the left while they combat villains on the right. The game will cycle through all of the available characters to give each one a chance to slash or shoot at the enemies.

For fans of the Star Wars universe, they will be able to expect plenty in terms of usable characters. You can use clone troopers to the Jedis themselves. As for the enemy faction, they can do the same as you tackle on droids and Sith lords. Each character, friend or foe, has their own strengths and weaknesses. Battles consist of having standard moves and special moves, with the latter having a recharge time before you can use them again.

Just like the universe in which where the game is set, Galaxy of Heroes has a very diverse upgrade system. As such, herein lies its problem as it is difficult to know what to upgrade. Furthermore, the methods of unlocking new characters are equally vast which might make players confused as to what is going on much of the time. For a game that supposedly relies on character management as its core playstyle, it is especially difficult to manage anything as you stumble along the game’s setup.

But aside from the array of confusing things to follow and do in this free-to-play mobile game, the gameplay itself is far too simple. In a movie franchise that boasts heavily on action, there is something quite comical about troops on your device’s screen to be standing still most of the time.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a far too simple mobile game that has a very vast universe of upgrades and characters. Playing the game promotes a shallow experience, and perhaps even fans of the movie franchise may find themselves getting bored quite quickly with this one. For those who want more action with a more appealing playstyle, there are other offerings in the Apple App Store or in Google Play that can catch your fancy.


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