Soundfreaq Sound Kick 2 Review – Appealing to Those Who Want Clear Audio Profiles

There are a few portable Bluetooth speakers that are as large as the Soundfreaq Sound Kick 2, especially within its price class. But for its size, it offers more stereo separation, and it even has a built-in kickstand. For those who are looking for great bass response, you might have to shy away from this one as the prevailing audio frequencies here are leaning more towards the high-mids and highs. But it doesn’t mean that this speaker is devoid of bass but it does focus its efforts more on other frequency ranges. If you’re looking for a speaker that has a modern design and a flat audio response, then this is a solid option.

Soundfreaq Sound Kick 2 Review - Appealing to Those Who Want Clear Audio Profiles

Those Who Prefer Flat Audio Might Want to Check Out the Soundfreaq Sound Kick 2

For people who are looking for color variations for the Soundfreaq Sound Kick 2, well, you’re out of luck as it is only available in black. But it doesn’t mean to say that it looks horrendous; in fact, it delivers a modern look that has no problem blending it with whatever design choice you have for your home. It covers a simplistic approach for its exteriors and it is too large to fit inside your pocket. If you plan to place it inside a backpack, then it can cover quite a bit of space.

The fact that the company actually bothered to place stereo drivers into the Sound Kick 2 is a great choice for its price point, especially that this is now a disappearing standard for most. Soundfreaq even made sure that the speaker’s body is long enough to allow for true driver separation that can be quite meaningful in delivering its sound.

As for its controls, it can be found across its top panel and these are operated by way of a capacitive touch. There are dedicated buttons for play/pause, volume, and track navigation. The volume controls work independently from the connected device. In addition to these buttons, there’s also the UQ3 button for a spatial sound effect, however, this is mostly used as a gimmick.

When playing tracks with powerful sub-bass content on this particular speaker, you might be left with unimpressed marks. However, if you play tracks with far less bass in its sound profile, then it will give you a better idea of how this thing performs. The vocals are delivered in a rich and crisp manner through its drivers, and you would be able to almost always get a glimpse of the guitars strumming in the background.

However, the sound performance of the Soundfreaq Sound Kick 2 will sometimes put the drum performances of certain tracks to the far background. You will still know that they’re there, but it can be difficult to take notice at certain times.


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