Sony Celebrates 20 Years of Play With Unboxing of PlayStation 1

Sony Celebrates 20 Years of Play With Unboxing of PlayStation 1

About 20 years ago, Sony revolutionized the gaming industry by introducing the PlayStation 1 to the world. The company was known for several tech before they entered the gaming sector. They have been known to produce quality television sets and multimedia devices. When they entered the gaming world with the PlayStation, it was an immense success.

Just recently, Sony celebrated 20 years of play by unboxing a mint condition 1st generation PlayStation. Fans of the gaming console will already know what it looks and feels like if they have purchased the gadget 20 years ago. However, newer generations of gamers were not able to see and admire what was once, and probably still is, a great gaming device.

Sony Sends Gamers a Trip to Memory Lane By Unboxing a PlayStation 1

The initial release of the PlayStation 1  was way back in September 9, 1995. Since then, gamers and developers have been born to satisfy everyone’s gaming desires and place them to new heights. Videogame graphics were mostly featured with not-so-glamorous polygons for bodies, but during those times it was at the height of gaming evolution.

The original PS1 controller did not have the analog sticks by default when a person purchases the console. Gamers would have to purchase the extra Dual-Shock controller separately to have the 2 analog sticks.

Furthermore, the original Sony gaming console originally came in the color gray. This may come as a surprise to many of today’s new gamers as the tech company started painting their gaming consoles black ever since the dawn of the PlayStation 2. There were also other colors available, such as white and red, but these usually came out as limited edition.

Also, the first generation PlayStation came with 1 special Memory Card that is made specifically for the gaming device. Players would have to use the card in order to save their game data as saving was not a “console thing” at that time. This means that if one loses his/her memory card for the PS1, then their entire gaming progress would have gone up in smoke.

 When gamers of the new generation, specifically young children, would take a glimpse of the PlayStation 1, perhaps an obvious result would them be asking, “What kind of graphics are these?” For older gamers, perhaps a teardrop will surface from their eyes as the memories of those old, but still precious games played with this console will come rushing back into their memories.


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