Solar Impulse 2 – A Completely Solar Powered Plane

Solar Impulse 2 - A Completely Solar Powered Plane

One of the most visited places around the world is Hawaii. The place captivated many tourists because of the beauty it posses. What makes the place highly talked nowadays is that on Friday a pilot named André Borschberg, safely landed in Hawaii with a sun powered plane after almost a week of grueling flight.

 It was indeed a record breaking news since it was the longest solo flight with a sun powered plane to date. The solar powered plane is called the Solar Impulse which is a Swiss plane.

 It was through Twitter that the pilot broadcasted the successful event, “Just landed in #Hawaii with @solarimpulse! For @bertrandpiccard and I, it’s a dream coming true,” Borschberg tweeted upon landing, referring to Bertrand Piccard, with whom he is piloting the Solar Impulse 2 around the world.

 “I feel exhilarated by this extraordinary journey. I have climbed the equivalent altitude of Mount Everest five times without much rest,” Borschberg later added in a statement.

 Flying from Nagoya, Japan non stop the single-seater Solar Impulse 2 landed in Kalaeloa Hawaii Airport around 6 a.m. local time (9 a.m. PT). Source of the reports from the official website od Solar Impulse that live-streamed the particular event as well. Out of 13 the recent successful event was ranked at eighth.

Co-founders of the Swiss outfit Solar Impulse Borschberg and Piccard piloted the plane in turns. To date it was the longest solo flight ever at 4,000-mile leg it is considered as one of the most dangerous act because of this main reason: Landing zone is not readily available in case there’s a trouble with the plane. But despite how dangerous it was, it was now tag as a record breaker.

 The successful landing of the solar powered plane apart from it is a record breaker it’s larger goal is to let the whole world know that there is a great possibility that in the future airplanes will be powered not just with fuel but also with sun’s energy.

 However, the introduction of this power will not be available immediately with commercial airplanes carrying passengers yet with the current success of the Solar Impulse 2 could lead the way and open the new path that would greatly help the aviation industry. There have been a long concern issued by environmentalists with regards to heavy fuel usage of airplanes. Perhaps the new endeavor will remarkably open the door to inevitable change.

 “What André has achieved is extraordinary from the perspective of a pilot, ” Piccard said. “But furthermore, he has also led the technical team during the construction of this revolutionary prototype. It is not only a historic first in aviation it is also a historic first for renewable energies.”


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