Smartphones – Guarding Your Precious Information

Ever since the traditional cell phone has acquired the prefix “smart” and can now be widely known as smartphones, it has evolved into something more than just a portable device that can make and receive calls as it has now become an inseparable partner that connects us to the world. Today’s line of mobile handsets will now allow us to chat, share images, do shopping, and even transfer cash from one bank account to another. These can all be done with a few simple taps on the phone’s screen. It has now become a private vault of our vital information.

Smartphones - Guarding Your Precious Information

It is Gravely Important to Guard the Information Stored in Your Smartphones

However, as much as smartphones have now become an inseparable part of our daily lives, they do run the risk of being vulnerable to information theft. Today’s breed of cybercrimes can no longer just be seen to the likes of computers as these can now stem to hacking your precious data from your handset. There are now malicious software that can be downloaded (and perhaps without your consent even) to phishing scams that can be accessed from your device. Still, with these problems come solutions to combat such scenarios.

To start, you can activate a self-destructing lockscreen on your smartphones. When you leave your device, even for a minute moment, this could lead to unauthorized access which could then lead to possible theft of vulnerable information. Therefore, you should opt to put a code in your lockscreen and make sure that only you (or those whom you trust dearly) knows the passcode. Now there are some fraudsters that might even try breaking the lockscreen code by trying out some passwords. In order to deal with this, you can enable a feature that can erase all the data on the device after a preset number of failed attempts.

Another security measure that you can do is to turn off connectivity options when you’re not using them. Turning Bluetooth, Location Services, Wi-Fi, Near Field Communication (NFC), and even Cellular Data when not in use will not only conserve battery life, but it does also minimize the risk for hackers to infiltrate your phone.

Lastly on this list, and perhaps the best way to keep away from hackers and phishing scams from accessing your smartphones and all of their vital information is to be cautious. When you’re going to download an app or surfing around the World Wide Web using your mobile device, be cautious of applications and websites that seem suspicious. If they look like they are shady, then chances are they are.


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