Slack – Now Channeling Their Inner Facebook as They Allow Users to Take Their Credentials to Other Apps


Slack, the popular messaging and chat platform, is now offering its users a new way to sign in. However, this is not with the application itself, but towards other apps. The company announced on Tuesday that they have just launched their very own “Sign in with Slack” feature. In which, just like those with Facebook, Google, and Twitter, will allow users of the chat platform to use their login credentials when signing in towards other applications.

Slack - Now Channeling Their Inner Facebook as They Allow Users to Take Their Credentials to Other Apps

Sign in With Slack Feature Now Ready for Use

Developers of certain applications, such as that of Quip, will now be able to take advantage of letting users sign in using Slack credentials. This makes it easier for those who rely on the messaging platform to easily get started with other applications. Furthermore, the new feature makes it possible for independent developers, as well as startups, to focus on workplace productivity to allow an easier foothold with their new users aside from letting them create new accounts from scratch.

These developers, which include the aforementioned ones from Quip, joins in the ranks of others in Sigma, Slackline, Smooz, and Office Vibe. Additionally, “Sign in with Slack” will be able to let developers simplify their own sign-in processes. Firms will be able to take advantage of how the new feature will operate and they can add things such as their users’ Slack avatars as well as Slack team information. Therefore, and in turn, the new feature can be used to easily personalize an application with the aid of the chat app. People, especially new users, will no longer be required to fill out long forms which can be cumbersome.

When users will sign into an app using their Slack credentials, they will be asked to authorize its access to information that is found on the messaging application about them. Hence, users can double check first before they would want to register to another application using the credentials found on their Slack accounts. The amount of information that will get through with the other app will depend on what the developer of said other application will ask for. Users will then be able to see what they are about to share across the other app.

What’s interesting about the integration of Slack and other apps is that the chat platform itself will incorporate together with other single sign-on providers such as Octa, Azure Active Directory, and OneLogin. In other words, developers that will implement the “Sign in with Slack” feature will get further benefit by integrating to those other systems as well.


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