Shred It Review – It Seems New, But It’s Not

When you start playing Shred It, you will get an instant feel of quality in terms of its paper craft visuals. While other snowboarding games for the mobile market come off with characters that based out of the human anatomy, this mobile game has a more cartoony feel to it. It does look visually appealing, but you cannot deny one unavoidable fact – it is inoffensive and unspectacular.

Shred It Review - It Seems New, But It's Not

If You’ve Played Other Snowboarding Mobile Games, Then There’s Nothing New to Expect in Shred It

Shred It taps into the kind of endless runner titles, like Temple Run, but with a snowboarding theme. It is well-delivered, well, graphically speaking. It does not take any major missteps in terms of gameplay, but then again, there’s nothing new to get excited either. For a game that has excellent mobile graphics, it is quite cheeky to expect that the gameplay should also provide a bold step to separate it from the hundreds, or even the thousands of snowboarding games out there.

On the surface, everything appears to run smoothly. The camera will always be positioned behind your snowboarding character. The goal for each game, whether it’s on Standard Mode or Time Attack mode, is to keep sliding down the slope for as long as you can possibly can. You need to avoid obstacles and pick up as many leaves as possible as you make your way downhill.

Controls are made to be exceptionally simple in Shred it (iOS) and there is a focus on said simplicity instead of placing that aspect on reaction times. Therefore, moving left or right is just a matter of holding your finger down on opposite sides of your device’s screen. In the case of jumps, you would have to swipe up, and swiping down will allow you to dip below mid-air obstacles.

As a whole, the game does offer moments and is undeniably entertaining at certain points. There is also a particular sense of thrill as you fling your character skywards with the simple, perfectly-timed flick to jump through the hoops.

Still, aside from the crisp paper-like visuals, it is hard to find anything exceptionally new to the whole game genre. While endless runner games are not currently in vogue, there was that time when they have indeed dominated the App Store.

Overall, Shred it is beautiful to look at and has short spells of fun. It is a wintery take on the endless runner genre for mobile gaming. However, it does far little to present anything new to the entire genre. Ultimately, this is more of a refinement than an actual new game.


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