Sharp’s RoBoHon is a Smartphone Robot You Never Knew You Needed

The RoBoHon does look incredibly cute and adorable, but it also comes jam-packed with great features and skills. For starters, the “smartphone toy” has a projector, a pair of articulated and animated arms and legs, and a talkative feature that is not annoying as it speaks in a charming Japanese tone.

Sharp's RoBoHon is a Smartphone Robot You Never Knew You Needed

Sharp’s RoBoHon Will Make Your Day Complete in More Ways Than One

RoBoHon is a gesture-prone robot with an amazing flurry of features. While it’s not light or small, it definitely makes up for its charming attitude that you want to bring it around anywhere anyway. The “toy” weighs 390-grams and it stands about 8-inches. You can even look at it as how many smartphone companies are aiming for the “bigger is better” model these days.

The Sharp RoBoHon comes with Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity to make it work like a mobile phone should. The display on its back is something on the small side as it has a tiny 2-inch screen with a 320 x 240 resolution. But why should you be looking at its back when it has its cute face you can be happy about.

The head of the robot comes with a camera which does more than take pictures. It can do facial and even voice recognition. Sure, these are the features that you can see and use on today’s smartphones, but those handsets are not as cute as this one.

When you just want to play with the “toy,” it can do a lot of neat things. For example, it can do the usual things that a mechanized robot toy can do, which are sit, down, and even get itself back up after lying down. Oh, it can also dance to the beat of music and raise its hands when it has something to tell you, like remind you about today’s tasks.

It can also take and announce reminders, wake you up with its alarm function, and has a text message reader. There is also a head-mounted projector to share the images taken with its camera with your friends and family. It can do all sorts of things that smartphone AIs can do, minus the creepy robotic voice part.

The RoBoHon could be the new wave of playable and functional tech of the future, and it’s downright adorable. Planning on bringing this smartphone robot/toy to your office but worried you’ll get weird stares because of it placed inside your shirt pocket? Don’t worry, you won’t have to. Everyone will just adore how, well, adorable this robot phone is, no matter what age group they belong to.



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