Sentay Flow Pro LS-4225 Review – Let This Become Your New Favorite

The Sentay Flow Pro LS-4225 has that aura wherein you see it on a shelf in a store, or when you scroll past it when you’re browsing online, and you’ll immediately tell yourself, “This will be my next pair of headphones.” It is a portable headphone that comes with a carrying case and a detachable 3.5-millimeter audio cable. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about mainly using the unit with you attached to your computer or media device all the time. Furthermore, sound quality is geared for audiophiles who love the “kick” of low frequencies. This doesn’t mean that sound purists won’t hate it at all as bass profiles are not too overpowering to lower down the qualities of the other parts of the spectrum.

Sentay Flow Pro LS-4225 Review - Let This Become Your New Favorite

The Sentay Flow Pro LS-4225 Promotes Quality Audio, Even at High Volumes

The Sentay Flow Pro LS-4225 is designed for individuals who like a sleek, modern, and portable take for their headphone. It is a pair of stereo headphones that combines beauty, mobility, and excellent sound quality. It delivers a comfortable and lightweight fit on the head so users can have a relaxing time listening to their favorite tracks, even if the music they prefer is geared towards giving optimal bass performance.

It has an in-line control to allow call management as well as managing tracks. Within the same in-line controls, there is an omni-directional microphone that does work fine as you don’t have to place it near your mouth for the person on the other line of the call to get a good listen at your voice.

As stated earlier, the headset is foldable which goes inside comfortably inside the included carrying case. Hence, it is easy to transport and store anywhere you want.

When you take a first look at the price tag of the Flow Pro LS-4225, you may immediately think that the audio performance won’t be up to par with other, higher-end headphones in the market. However, you may be proven wrong; it will turn out that this pair has a sound performance that may even be better than other headsets within a higher price category. The sound is very clear and does not distort at higher volumes. The midtones and trebles are very clear, and the bass has a great punch to it but it doesn’t destroy other areas of the sound spectrum.

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Another great feature about the Sentay Flow Pro LS-4225 is that it does block out a suitable level of outside noise. Hence, you can rock out to your favorite beats without the worry of anyone else bothering you.


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