Samsung Powerbot Essential Robotic Vacuum – Offers Similar Cleaning Prowess, at a Lower Price

The Samsung Powerbot Essential Robotic Vacuum has practically the same cleaning strength as that of the VR9000, but the major difference is that it won’t hurt your wallet as much. With the holidays coming up, it does seem a more appealing option in the growing industry of robot vacuum cleaners, especially for those who are loyal to the South Korean tech giant. Many would like the performance of the Essential, but it has its fair share of issues that comes with the lowered price.

Samsung Powerbot Essential Robotic Vacuum - Offers Similar Cleaning Prowess, at a Lower Price

The Samsung Powerbot Essential Robotic Vacuum is a Missed Connection

Even though the Samsung Powerbot Essential Robotic Vacuum does offer the same cleaning powers as that of the V9000, it is unclear as to why the company decided to make this particular device cheaper. Smarts were not actually found within the V9000, and it does not show within the Essential as well. With other more interesting robot cleaners in the market, such as the Neato Connected Botvac, Samsung may be falling behind in this market.

To compete with Neato, Samsung matches most of Neato’s smarts with the inclusion of a remote. Hence, Samsung’s connected vac could be a great multitasker, but the Essential does not have that ability.

The Samsung Powerbot Essential Cleaning Vacuum claims to have 10x more powerful suction than other leading brands. This may be true at some point, but when it comes to the company’s own line of robot vacuum cleaners, it is practically the same.

It has a feature called EasyPass wheels, which makes it roll right over most obstacles. It can also automatically transition from cleaning dust, dirt, and debris from hard floors to soft carpets. Its “smarts” provides the right type of cleaning action for whatever surface it’s on. However, this automatic functionality can also be seen (somewhat) with other robot cleaners on the market that have the same price value.

What’s appealing for the Essential is the company’s Cyclone Force system. This feature generates centrifugal force that will separate dirt from debris. This will reduce filter clogging and allows it to maintain good suction power longer.

The Samsung Powerbot Essential Robotic Vacuum has a weight of 9.9-pounds which is not that light if you want to carry it down to the first floor of your home. Also, since it is practically the same with the V9000, but are still looking for a powerful robot vacuum cleaner, and are also a Samsung fan, then this device may be for you. But if you do not meet these conditions, then it may be best to look somewhere else.


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