Samsung Has Three Devices For The Foundation Of Future Gadgets

Samsung Has Three Devices For The Foundation Of Future Gadgets

Samsung’s futuristic vision is in line with what the future has in terms of building smart home or connected gadgets, should there be a new platform? Samsung definitely wants to be the mainstream of the future gadgets. As Samsung announced Artik.


Artik is a collection of small system-on-chips designed to power everything from wearable devices to home appliances. It comes in three different sizes which Samsung calls it the Artik 1, 5, and 10.


The ARTIK 1 measures just 12x12mm it is the tinniest yet it is capable of running on a battery for several weeks. It is geared with a dual core processor, 1MB of RAM and 4MB Flash. It has capability of communicating to the outside world through Bluetooth Technology Low Energy (BLE) plus a 9-axis motion sensor. Ideally this device is for wearables and remote sensor applications.


Apart from its capability to communicate this device also have one USB OTG port this certain port enables charging, an audio engine, and outputs to drive an RGB WVGA display. What is more is that it has power management which can work with batteries from 1.5 to 3V or more, it also has 2 UARTs, an SPI interface and 4 10-bit ADCs.



The ARTIK 5 measures at 29x25mm although its size is twice the size of ARTIK 1, yet it is relatively small. It has an ARM A7 dual core which is paired with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of Flash. Its reserve power can run Yocto Linux. Aside from WiFi this device also has BLE, Bluetooth and ZigBee. Since it is large it can accommodate two 30-pin connectors which provide; 47 GPIO (2 PWM),2 ADC,4 I2C,1 SPI,1 I2S,1 USB.


For the input power it can house power between 3.4 to 5V and it works with 1.8V logic. While its hardware video codec has MPEG 4/H264/H264/VP8 and a JPEG codec in addition it also supports a video display.



The ARTIK 10 measure 29x39mm, it’s bigger compared to ARTIK 1. It houses an Octa Core ARM running at 1.3GHz which is paired with 2GB RAM and 16GB of Flash and runs Yocto Linux. It also has WiFi/BT/BLE and ZigBee. It has the same video codecs as the ARTIK 5, but with its increased processing power it can work at 1080p at 120fps. Its I/O is also bigger: 51 GPIO (2 PWM),6 ADC,6 I2C,1 SPI,1 I2S, 3 UART, 1 USB.


At the moment the information about these devices is limited, however the two larger devices have GPUs which also support a MIPI DSIM connection to allow easy connection to video cameras. Further the three devices is geared with hardware security built in and they can be programmed in C/C++/Java or Groovy.


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