Sage Risotto Plus Review – Impressing a Lot For What it Can do

Using the Sage Risotto Plus will give you impressive results. Whether its cooking fluffy rice, or producing a creamy risotto dish, or using it for slow-cooked dishes, it will give you the right tasting food that can, and will make anyone’s mouth water. It also has an excellent build quality, but the only thing that would otherwise make this an ideal multi-cooker is its price tag.

Sage Risotto Plus Review - Impressing a Lot For What it Can do

The Sage Risotto Plus is Super in Every Way, Except for the Price Tag

Upon taking the Sage Risotto Plus out of its packaging, you will immediately get a feel of its striking build quality. It feels utterly solid and well-built. It has been made with top-notch materials, and the design is a simple one but is also superb at the same time. There are handles on the side that can be used for when transferring the pot to a table, or when simply moving the unit to the kitchen.

Within the standard packaging, you will get a rice paddle, a large stainless steel steaming tray, and a plastic measuring cup. Speaking of its tray, most slow cookers would opt to include a small plastic tray, this one uses a large steel one so that’s an added plus.

It has a round cooking pot which is of the non-stick variety, and it shares the same feature with the inside of the cooker. The entire capacity can hold 3.7-liters, which is enough for 20 cups of cooked rice.

The controls are happily simple as you can command the multi-cooker to do various things with the buttons found at the bottom. Using these, you can select one of the five modes, them being risotto, rice/steam, slow cooker high, slow cooker low, and sauté/sear. There is, however, one thing that is lacking in this particular kitchen appliance and that is the inability to program the cooking time. You can only switch it on in the morning and turn it off once you get home from work.

However, the device is smart enough when the right program is used. For example, when you’re cooking or steaming rice, the cooker will automatically switch over to keep warm mode once it is cooked. This may seem like magic, or some sort of new-fangled technology, but the concept behind this is pretty simple. A temperature sensor found inside the device will detect that the food is getting hotter due to the cooking water being absorbed. Once it gets to a certain point in temperature, it will then promptly stop the cooking or steaming procedure.

Cooking risotto using the Sage Risotto Plus, as well as cooking rice with it, will come out with very desirable results. There are many things to like about this particular multi-cooker, but its price tag is another story.


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