Runbow Review – Continue Moving Forward

Despite the title of the game sounding like a clumsy pun from that familiar gun-toting action hero, Runbow is a strikingly colorful 2D platformer. It has many challenges for the player to overcome but it also allows you to race and punch off eight other friends in a very chaotic dash to the finish line. In its levels, you will play out like assault courses while running moving platforms, pits, spikes, and other classic videogame obstacles.

Runbow Review - Continue Moving Forward

Chaotic Running is the Idea Behind Runbow

With Runbow, it puts an ingenious twist on the disappearing platform mechanic. This mechanic can be found in Mega Man. In this game, backgrounds will shift from one color to the next. When a platform matches the color of the background, then said platform will disappear completely. The platform will reappear when the background changes colors once again. This effect creates a bold experience, and players need to think their next move quickly lest they fall into the void.

When you are faced with a squad of opponents (sometimes with 7 other players), this cycle will even be more chaotic than when you’re going at the stages all by your lonesome. These “enemies” will stand in your way as you try and punch them out of your way so that you emerge victorious in the race. Because of all this chaos, it brings a whole new way of enjoying the game.

While multiplayer is indeed loads of fun, single player is such a drag. In fact, it becomes such a bore as levels become quite easier to deal with. However, it is somewhat forgivable as there will still be a swarm of computer generated enemies that will appear and try to stop you. But overall, the multiplayer mode is still where this game’s at.

Victories in the Runbow game feel great, no matter how they’re won. There are also other multiplayer modes that will extend the fun even further. For instance, there’s Arena Mode which will take place in a single screen in which you try and knock off opponents into spikes and pits, all the while trying to avoid the color changing backgrounds and platforms.

In Runbow, players will play the roles of being spoilers as they stop other players from reaching the goal. While multiplayer modes are where the fun is at in this game, the solo player mode still lacks that certain level of enjoyment. Ultimately, it’s a game that you play with your friends and not just by yourself.


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