Roccat Kova Review – Made for the Ambidextrous

When it comes to gaming mice, they all come in all shapes and sizes, and the Roccat Kova is certainly one you can call as part of the unique class. To start, this is an ambidextrous mouse that does not sacrifice performance or design. It is a natural companion for just about game genre. Still, there are a few software flubs that drag down its overall experience, but it is still a more than decent performer, especially when it comes to gaming.

Roccat Kova Review - Made for the Ambidextrous

The Roccat Kova is Made for Righties and Lefties Alike

For its size, the Roccat Kova can be placed as part of the compact mouse class. It still packs 10 buttons and has a low profile with a pleasing shape. It measure 5.2 x 2.6-inches and it is a little bit longer than other mice that are built for the ambidextrous folk. With its size, it provides a better, more comfortable grip that are suited for both palm and claw-grip players.

In addition to the standard left and right click buttons, there is the a clickable scroll wheel. The Kova mouse also possess a DPI shit button in the center, and three extra buttons on each side. Two of the side buttons are for the thumb, whereas one is for the index or ring finger. Each of these buttons are fairly easy to reach and does provide a responsive and satisfying click each time they are pressed.

Since the Kova is evenly weighted on both sides, and has the same button placements on either side, it is one of the few mice in the tech sector that is truly made for both lefties and righties. If you want to switch between left and right-handed configuration, that can easily be done with the included software.

Aside from its impressive profile on ambidexterity, the Kova has an array of amazing features. While the mouse itself is not as colorful as what you can find on the likes of the Razer Mamba, it is still pretty to look at and it is also quite functional, that is, if you’re willing to be patient and experimental.

When it comes to performance, switching the DPI on the fly worked like a charm across different gaming genres. Usually, when it comes to all-purpose gaming mice, these may not be suitable for MMO players, but that is not the case with the Kova. It features an Easy Shift [+] mode which means that whenever you hold a button down, the whole mouse shifts to an secondary button alignment. Through this effect, you will be able to give you almost 20 buttons to work with.

The bottom line, the Roccat Kova is one to keep. There are a lot of gaming mice in the market that claim to be for all types of people, but perhaps a lot of them could not keep those claims unlike the Kova.


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