RiutBag R10 Review – A Simple Yet Fantastic Idea

The RiutBag R10 is one of those Kickstarter ideas that actually delivers through its promises. It promotes a simple idea but a brilliant one. It does not offer any zippers on its front which makes it near-inaccessible for thieves. It is also perhaps the greatest everyday backpack to take with you when you commute, or when you go to a concert, or just when you’re exposed inside a crowd. The R10 can accommodate up to 10-liters of storage space, and there is also a 15-liter model as well.

RiutBag R10 Review - A Simple Yet Fantastic Idea

The RiutBag R10 Protects Your Stuff From Thieves

What makes the RiutBag R10 so great is its attention to detail. There are small details to go around such as elastic loops. These are used to contain pesky loose straps. All of its features and safety offerings are also reflected by its price as it is definitely not your cheap bag. However, for what it’s worth and for what it can offer, it brings great value than what you can get in a traditional backpack.

Because the zippers are not located at the front, the main compartment can only be accessed at the back. It will also open up really wide therefore it is quite easy to go around any items that are sitting right at the bottom of the bag. This works well especially for people who just like to throw stuff into their bag and when they need something would have to fumble around until they get it.

Inside you will get a very helpful array of pouches and pockets which are all pretty impressive considering the dimensions of the R10 Backpack. Furthermore, they are arranged in such a way that you can get your stuff almost hassle free. There are two zipped pocket nets, a simple slip in and out pocket for documents and other A4-shaped items, and a zipped neoprene pocket that is big enough for a Kindle or a book of the same size.

There is also a main laptop component that is protected quite well on all sides. It even includes straps to hold the machine in place. There is even a soft, ample padding found below the laptop component which protects the device for when you put the bag down. It also helps to know that the bottom of the bag is waterproof.

From a simple idea while using state-of-the-art materials and craftsmanship, the RiutBag R10 is for anyone who would want to secure their valuables while they are always exposed in a crowded environment. It is also great for those who like to travel a lot but want to feel more secure in unfamiliar environments.


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