Ray Super Remote Review – A Seamless Remote But You Have to Deal With the Price

The Ray Super Remote is unlike most remote controls that you might find, even in today’s market. It has a 4.8-inch touch capacitive screen, and its design would let people mistake it for a smartphone. But on that note, it is powered by Android technology, so it is pretty close to being one, except that you can’t make or receive calls with it like a regular handset. But what it offers is an easy-to-use and simple to set-up remote that can connect everything within your home theater. But its most defining element is not of its easy-of-use, but of its price.

Ray Super Remote Review - A Seamless Remote But You Have to Deal With the Price

Get Ready to Pay More Than Your Usual Remote Control When You Plan on Getting the Ray Super Remote

In terms of design, the Ray Super Remote is certainly living up to its “super” moniker. While there are universal remotes, and even smartphones, that do favor the sleek, curvy design as well as inviting contours, this remote is a block, but a proud one at that.

It comes with measurements of 5.5 x 2.5 x 0.5-inches and weighs 5.7-ounces. It has stark, flat sides and has slightly rounded corners. Except for its sides, the device is almost entirely finished with a black color. At its smooth, glossy black glass face, you will find the aforementioned 4.8-inch 1,120 x 480-pixel LCD touch panel.

At the right edge of the remote, you will find it is distinguished by a triangular, silver-colored metal rail. This particular element gives the remote that much needed, comfortable curve that you need when gripping it with your hand. It also holds some of the remote’s controls such as the Sleep/Power button, Mute, and Volume Up/Down controls. This rail will also assist in orienting the Ray Remote while in your hand. Without having that design element as a reference, then you would find it difficult to find the correct way to hold it. Otherwise, you might find yourself fiddling around with it first prior to making it work as you might be holding it upside down or backwards initially.

Hidden along the bare black sides of the Ray Super Remote are seven infrared LEDs. These enable the remote to broadcast remote codes to up to 33-feeet in a 180-degree arc. Without these, or the use of a wirelessly connected hub that has a similar set of infrared LEDs, such as the Logitech Harmony Hub, then this remote would practically be neutered. If it does, then you would have a Wi-Fi only Android device that might just be close to being a heavily priced paperweight for your home.


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