Philips OneBlade Review – A Versatile Shaver, But Has Trouble With Longer Hair

The Philips OneBlade is not your average shaver, nor is it that much of a beard trimmer, but it is more of an electric groomer designed for men who want to sport different bears and facial styles. As per Philips, the device has been “specially designed to suit the modern man’s needs.” It can edge, trim, and shave off any length of to a precision stubble length with the use of one of the three combs that are included right out of the standard packaging. Or if you want, you can use it without a comb for a closer shave.

Philips OneBlade Review - A Versatile Shaver, But Has Trouble With Longer Hair

The Philips OneBlade Can Trim Any Length of Facial Hair, as What the Company Claims

In truth, the Philips OneBlade excels when the user is not using a comb. The company says that the device is directed towards those who maintain facial hair, but it would seem that it is most appreciated by those who are tired and who have long been suffering from ingrown hairs and razor-burn, especially when using traditional shavers. Using this particular shaver when trying to achieve a close works like a charm. Furthermore, since it is not as close as you would get when using a rudimentary wet razor blade, it means that you will be able to achieve a cleaner look without the risk of skin irritation, if any at all.

In terms of design, the OneBlade might not appeal to many. It has a blue and green color scheme that does not scream to be the slickest shaver on the market. However, this is not too off-putting as well, so you can still show it off to your friends, but not too much as to make it a conversation starter.

It has a nice, slender design, which also makes for easily maneuvering which does make all the difference when talking about the topic of precision trimming. It weighs 324-grams, which does mean that it is not the lightest shaver on the market, but it will certainly not feel heavy in the hand. In fact, its weight is in the “just right” area.

Those who are using traditional shavers for quite some time will be quite amazed by how well the Philips OneBlade performs. With just the press of a button, it has a fast-cutting blade action that will make a satisfying hum. It does become a bit noisier when you attach one of the trimming combs. And while Philips advertises this as a device that can deal with any length of facial hair, it does have some trouble when it comes to longer lengths. When dealing with long beards, it just needs a bit more effort, but it’s not a total deal-breaker.


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