Philips Moda 2 (275C5Q) Review – Rich Colors and More

The Philips Moda 2 will let users experience rich colors and wide viewing angles that an IPS display is vastly known for. However, these are not the features that you’re going to get with this monitor. This is a 27-inch screen that features a Bluetooth speaker, and a powerful one at that. Said speaker will allow you to stream music from any Bluetooth capable device which can also have another duty – hands-free speakerphone for your smartphone.

Philips Moda 2 (275C5Q) Review - Rich Colors and More

Listen to Music With the Philips Moda 2

The Philips Moda 2 has accurate colors and good gray-scale performance. However, this 1080p screen cannot deliver image detail that you can get in a WQHD monitor. Still, this is a display that is very likable in many aspects.

For its design, it features a look free of bezels. Hence, this gives the monitor a sleeker and more modern look. It also makes the display look larger than it is. The IPS panel has a maximum resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, which means you will have no problem displaying Full-HD content. However, and once again, it cannot match the details presented with that of a WQHD display which can boast up to 2,560 x 1,440 pixel resolutions.

The Philips Moda 2 (275C5Q) is a 12-pound monitor so you won’t be calling it “lightweight” anytime soon. The cabinet has a ribbed texture and finished with a glossy-black paint job for that extra modern and classy look. The display has a thickness of 1.7-inches, and it is supported by a round base which can give users roughly 25-degrees of tilt. However, the base lacks height, pivot, and swivel adjustment.

For the Bluetooth speaker enclosure, it has two upward-firing 7-watt speakers that are built into the base. This allows you to connect your smartphone, mobile tablet, or any Bluetooth capable device wirelessly to the monitor. Should you receive a call while still listening to music, the display will automatically go into speakerphone mode. The monitor has an embedded microphone on the front for you to speak with the other person on the line.

Audio performance is something of a new category when talking about a monitor since not many has this feature. For the 275C5Q, it has an amazingly punchy sound with lots of deep bass response. However, it is much louder than typical monitor speakers. But the best part here is that there are no audio distortions even at louder volumes.

The Philips Moda 2 is able to deliver a solid all-around performance in both sound and image quality. Added features, such as the Bluetooth connectivity, are a welcoming addition to the mix.


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